What is the Best Time to Sell your Home? | The Home Program

What is the Best Time to Sell your Home? | The Home Program

Time to sell is an important decision.  Determining the best time to sell your home is a big decision, one that you really need to think about before putting your property on the market and in the hands of a real estate broker. One decision you will need to make is when to put your home on the market.

When is the best time of year to sell your home?

Is there a specific season you need to sell your home?

Is now a good time to sell your home?

These are all questions your local real estate broker is qualified to answer and provide you with advice. It is essential you make the right decision, as the wrong one can cause you extended marketing time and your home waiting for new owners to occupy it. Before you put your home on the market, one factor you need to consider is the season.

What is the Optimum Season to Sell Your Home?

When is the best time to sell your home, you wonder? Spring and summer may instantly come to your mind, while fall and winter may not. However, remember that each season has its advantages and disadvantages.

Before forming an opinion on whether you should sell your home during the on-season (spring and summer) or off-season (fall and winter), we want to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Spring and Summer

  • Bigger Sale Price

Prices of houses often increase during the on-season. Most homeowners list their houses for sale during spring and summer. Buyers come out and enthusiastically house hunt in the prime season because the weather, time, and school year are all favorable.

  • Higher Valuations

The appraiser will value your home by examining the information available for comparable homes sold in your area. Your home’s value is dependent on the sales that occur, not on asking prices.

If several comparable homes sold during spring and summer, you may receive a higher valuation since it depends on the comparable data of homes sold during a particular season. More data will be available to you during the prime season but your broker and agent will have the best understanding of this data.

  • Better Looking Homes

Spring and summer signal the arrival of longer days, bright and beautiful sunlight, and blooming flowers. It gives your home a wonderful opportunity to shine, stand out, and attract prospective buyers to it.

  • Higher Bids

More buyers could be house hunting in spring and you may receive several offers, which means you can pick and choose the buyer who bid the highest or provided the best terms for your house. When multiple buyers know they are one of several bidding on your house, they will probably be less likely to put in requests for repairs and make other demands because they know you can choose another offer.

  • Choosey Buyers

Many houses on the market means you have competition and buyers may have the advantage. They will visit several different houses to see which meets their requirements and fits their budget. You may have more advantage during the off-season, as buyers may be less selective and in a hurry to buy a house, as there may be fewer houses on the market.

Fall and Winter

  • Interested Buyers

Even if you lower the price of your house, you might not get interested, focused, and serious buyers who want to buy a house as soon as possible. Certain circumstances may motivate buyers to buy a house more quickly, such as job relocation.

  • Lower Selling Price

Your agent will negotiate the selling price with the prospective buyer. You must communicate openly with your agent so your wishes will be represented correctly.

If you do not want sell your home for a lower price, you may choose to price it higher than the competition so when buyers negotiate the price, they may give you the sale price you actually want for your home.

  • Decreased Curb Appeal

Fall and winter may decrease the curb appeal of your house in certain parts of the country. Winter snow may conceal the colors and décor, possibly reducing your house’s attraction.

Buyers enjoy seeing green lawns, colorful flowers, beautiful décor, and water features if you have any. You will always need to remove snow from the driveway and walkway and make sure all access is clear and safe.

If you plan to sell your home during the off-season, you will need to provide your real estate agent with pictures of your home in spring and summer. Sometimes, the decision to sell your home can be last minute. In that case, you should always have some pictures of how your home looks during the on-season, as you never know when you might need to put your home on the market.

The Choice of When to Sell Your Home is Yours


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