Buy Your Perfect Home, and Pay Less

Home Program Brokers know the neighborhoods, the prices and values, and how to best advise you from discovery through closing.
We pay you $300 to $10,000 when you close.

The Most Important Purchase of Your Life.

The purchase of our home is the largest financial transaction of our lives. You want your new home to be something you love, not just somewhere you live. Experienced Home Program Cooperating Brokers and their real estate agents know your neighborhood, the prices and the values, and the difference between them. They’ll search to find you the best options. You’ll choose to where you’ll soon be coming home, and they will negotiate to get you the best price. They’ll let you know when to hold, and when you should say sold!

How We Help You.

Our mission is to match you with an ideal local broker to help you find and purchase your perfect home for the best price possible.

Home Program Cooperating Brokers include those affiliated with the best known national brands, and independent local and regional market leaders.

After your broker has negotiated the lowest purchase price they can achieve for you, we make it even lower by paying you $300 to $10,000 after closing.

Your Perfect Home, A Lower Purchase Price

Home Program Cooperating Brokers are skilled negotiators.

With extensive knowledge of local prices and values and familiarity with the real estate brokers and real estate agents on the other side of local transactions, our network brokers are well suited to get you into your dream home for the lowest price possible through negotiation.

After they get you the lowest price they can negotiate, the Home Program makes the price even lower for you, by sending you a check after closing for $300 to $10,000 determined by purchase price.

Home Program Cooperating Brokers Have Extensive Local Knowledge and Experience.

Our Cooperating Brokers include the largest firms who help clients buy and sell the most homes, and have the most experience in their local neighborhoods.

They’ll always do their best to show you newly listed qualifying homes, ideally before a bidding contest can unnecessarily increase the price you’ll pay for your dream home.

They’ll share information about the differences between neighborhoods, schools, the vibe of the community, where to shop and eat, and can introduce local service vendors to make the start in your new neighborhood easier.

Find the right match. With Home Program.

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What Real Homeowners Are Saying

“It sounds like a great idea. I liked getting $1,000 for not really having to do anything, or doing something I was going to do any way, use a recommended real estate broker for my home sale.”

James K. Massapequa, NY

“The $1,000, of course! And I don’t have to be stuck with one real estate broker.”

Roy E. Joppa, MD

“I liked that I was not required to use the real estate broker I first selected, and that it includes big name real estate brokers.”

Jason W. Spokane, WA

“Excellent. Received my check. Didn’t require a credit card or bank info. No annoying emails or calls! Thanks for the free $$.”

Mary Ann P. Mastic, NY

“The extra $1,000 to purchase items to make immediate changes to our new home, invaluable to a new homeowner. They paid me as promised. It’s a great deal. Free Money!”

Vickie R. Hampton, VA

“The $2,000 was nice for preparing our house to sell. This is a wonderful program!  I have told all my family and friends about you.”

Daniella P. Burbank, CA

Ingredients for Finding, Buying Your Dream Home

First, always first, is you. Easy to find. You can pinch yourself to confirm you are there.

Second, is one of our pre-qualified local Cooperating Brokers you choose and we introduce you to today, to find and then help you purchase your perfect new home.

Third, of course, you dreamed it, is your perfect new home. Maybe you found it on your favorite home search website. Or, your perfect home is one your Home Program Cooperating Broker is going to find and present to you. They’ll do so sooner, with a higher degree of perfection, understanding everything you can share about your perfect home.

Success is after the closing, you’re smiling, living in and loving your new home, as the first meal is served. And then for dessert, soon after closing, you’ll receive a check from us for $300 to $10,000, to spend as you desire. Welcome home.

It’s you making your dream your reality. We’re just here to help. Ready to get started?

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