Can I use a real estate broker for my home sale and/or purchase that is not a Cooperating Real Estate Broker?

Yes. If you desire to receive from us within 30 days of your closing your completely FREE cash Award, you must CONTACT US FIRST and we will contact the real estate broker you desire to use to be sure they agree in writing to pay us our industry standard broker to broker referral fee upon the sale and/or purchase of your property. If you sell and/or purchase your home in the future using any broker who agrees to and does pay us our referral fee upon the sale and/or purchase of the Property, we will happily pay your completely FREE cash Award within 30 days after your closing. If you would like to use a real estate broker who is not already part of our network of Cooperating Real Estate Brokers, we would be happy to extend an invitation for that broker to join our network if they qualify. Just ask us when you desire.

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