Do I really pay $0? Is this really free?

Yes. You pay $0. This is really free. There is no catch, ever. We pay you. You simply agree to use a Cooperating Real Estate Broker you select IF in the future you choose to sell your home or purchase a home, and allow us to refer you to one of our pre-qualified, respected, honest and trustworthy Cooperating Brokers to help you with your transaction. If you do, we will receive a referral fee from the Cooperating Real Estate Broker you select to help you with your sale or purchase. We are sharing a portion of our future referral fee by providing you with a cash award that will be mailed to you within 30 days after the sale or purchase of the Property and we are paid our broker to broker referral fee pursuant to our agreement with our Cooperating Broker you used for your Property transaction.


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