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Online value estimates are not 100% reliable. An experienced, knowledgeable local real estate broker who visits your home is best suited to provide you with a more reliable free home value estimate.

How Are Home Value Estimates Determined?

Online valuations may provide an estimate of a home’s value, however they often exclude important information, which makes them less reliable. A local real estate broker with agents helping clients buy and sell homes in your neighborhood will know both local prices and values, and the difference between the two. A reputable real estate broker’s agents will be happy to visit with you and view your property and will have more relevant knowledge than any online tool.

The real estate broker and real estate agents will provide you with comparable properties and their recent listing and sale prices. Based on the most relevant information, they will be able to provide you with a likely more reliable value estimate, and the basis upon which they determine their value estimate, along with their thoughts on recommended listing price and sale price expectations.

Information used to determine a home value estimate may include data available to the public such as property tax history and municipal value assessments, recent sale prices of comparable properties in the same neighborhood, and local knowledge of the neighborhood, schools, and retail establishments. Additional information that should increase the reliability of a value estimate could include property specific knowledge available by conducting a complete inspection that could uncover any potential issues as well as factor in investments made in the home to improve its appearance and its value. An experienced local real estate broker and their real estate agents will also be fluent in the current conditions and price activity in the market.

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