Is the Home Program real?

Yes. We are able to pay our Members because when Home Program℠ Members choose to sell their home in the future, or purchase a home, we are the referral source that brings our Member homeowners to their chosen Cooperating Real Estate Broker. When you decide to sell your home in the future, or purchase a home, whenever that may be, you will use your choice of any participating real estate broker from our national network, already the largest in the nation, using our services so that we make the referral. They pay us for bringing them another quality client, and we pay you. It’s that simple! You will never pay us or anyone else for the major brand gift card you select or cash Award we will send to you. Upon request by our homeowner members, we have referred billions of dollars of home value to our Cooperating Brokers. We have paid millions of dollars to our homeowner members. We’d like to pay you. There is no hidden catch or hidden cost.