Stage your Home! | The Home Program

Stage your Home! | The Home Program

stage your home

Stage your home.  If your objective is a quick sale and a higher selling price, staging of your home is more than just cleaning all rooms and putting your things away. Here are five methods to give a positive impression to potential buyers.

Clear the Path — To stage your home make sure all prospective buyers are able to easily walk through your home. Remove any belongings or furniture that gets in the way of the natural flow of foot traffic or hinders visibility into other rooms in your home.

Eliminate Piles — Clear things around your home. You may likely overlook items you are used to seeing in your home, so it is important to view all of your rooms with a fresh set of eyes. It is a good idea to have a friend help you by visiting and pointing out items that could be put away. Items taking up space, such as tables or a coat rack, make a room feel smaller.

Put Away Personal Belongings — Family photos, your kid’s artwork and toys should be put away or thinned out to avoid distraction. Your personal items may also make it more difficult for potential buyers to imagine your home being their home.

Empty Storage Spots – Try to leave empty space in bathroom and kitchen cabinets, closets and other areas where you store things to properly stage your home. Put away items you don’t use every day. Some items you may choose to donate if you never use them, which can be better than packing and moving them to take up space and not use them in your next home. Having storage areas completely full may give possible buyers the impression that there is not sufficient storage space for their belongings.

Always Remember Curb Appeal – It is important to make a great initial impression. Clean up your front yard. Put up new house numbers and outside light fixtures. Make sure the lawn is mowed, the yard is free of toys and clutter and be sure the plants are well maintained.

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