What is the process if I do decide I want to sell my house now and/or buy my next home?

You’ll simply email us at ReadyToSell@HomeProgram.com or ReadyToBuy@HomeProgram.com, call us at 833-501-3300 or sign up at the Website. After we speak with you, we will have your chosen Cooperating Real Estate Broker contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your decision to list your home for sale and/or purchase your new home. Your chosen Cooperating Real Estate Broker will assist you with the process, just as any real estate broker would assist any homeowner in selling their home, of course with the additional knowledge you are one of our valued clients we referred to them, further protected by the contractual obligations they provided to us to be sure you get the best service they can provide.

In consideration of the benefits you will receive after closing as a Member of the Home Program, you must contact us first when you are ready to sell or purchase, prior to contacting any real estate broker about the possible sale or purchase of your property, and in all events prior to entering into a listing agreement to sell the property or agency agreement for a broker to represent you for the purchase of your new property. Such notification to us is needed for the effective management of the Home Program.


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